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We think that farm shops are giving farm shops a bad name! Many people go to farm shops in the belief that everything available is straight off the fields and into the shop. Well, that's generally not the case.

Nor is it for The Parrot's Farm Shop. Firstly and obviously, the pub is not on the farm - although the farm is only 4 miles away. Secondly, the laws on slaughtering, butchery etc are, quite rightly, very stringent.

So during our first year at The Parrot - we have gradually built up a range of produce and products. Meat sold in the shop will either be from our own farm or from neighbouring farms. The hen and duck eggs are from our farm - collected, weighed, stamped and boxed on our farm. The meat for our homemade pies etc is from either our own or neighbours' farms and chutneys, pickles etc are all made at The Parrot from vegetables and fruits from Secrett's - a specialist local farm. They only supply produce that is growing in their fields - so it can only be seasonal when we buy it!

Many of our customers will have seen olive oil in the shop. Oh yeh, we hear you snigger, olive oil! - but we actually went to Italy and harvested the olives personally. Rather a gruelling but hilarious 10 days.

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